For projects requiring a more detailed upgrade than a new laminate top, a new body can also be requested. These bodies include both wood upgrades along with complete changes in a body shape or construction. Click here to view multiple examples of various new bodies that have been provided by GMW to pair with the neck provided by our clients. In many instances, clients have also requested new hardware and/or pick-upís to compliment their new body, which we can easily provide.
Alder Charvel style body with paint finishing. Modified Destroyer II, Sapele body with book matched bocote lamtop and beveled sides. Pau ferro laminate top over Honduran mahogany body.
Solid alder classic Starz body. Alder EBMM body shape. Solid flame bubinga body.
Solid Honduran mahogany body. Solid mahogany body. Solid paduak B.C. Rich Mockingbird body.
Spalted maple over alder body. Quilted maple lam top with white binding over an alder body. Solid flame bubinga B.C. Rich Eagle body.