General repairs can normally be classified as falling into three distinct categories:

(1) Instrument set up.
(2) Fret work
(3) Electrical, or wiring related services

GMW Guitarworks offers services in all three categories, including bridge and pick-up routing, along with bridge conversions; e.g., converting a standard Fender type tremolo to a Floyd bridge system. A brief description for each repair category follows:

(1) Instrument set ups are the bread and butter work for many repair shops. We’ve been doing them consistently for close to 30 years, so this service can usually be completed while you wait. A GMW set up includes the following service to your guitar or bass.

(A) Clean and detail rosewood, maple or ebony fingerboards.
(B) Clean and detail your frets.
(C) Check and adjust the neck truss rod if necessary.
(D) Check and set action according to client preference.
(E) Check and set the bridge for proper intonation using a Peterson strobe tuner.

(2) Fret work. This service includes both instrument refretting, along with what is called a “fret mill and dress”. A refret involves removing your existing frets and replacing them with either the same fret wire used on your fingerboard, or you may select an alternate fret wire size at no extra charge. However, in most instances, a simple fret mill and dress will resolve issues related to poor action and playability without the added expense of a full refret. For further information related to pricing and time related questions, contact us directly either by phone or e-mail.

(3) Electrical based repairs are generally related to either pick-up's and/or component replacement, or they involve problems due to component malfunction or wear. As with the set up work described above, most electrical issues can be completed while you wait. We can handle pretty much any electrical issue from a simple one pick-up guitar service up to (and beyond!!!!) a full blown B.C. Rich Supreme wiring harness; i.e., dual preamps, Veritones, pick-up dual sound switching & phase switches, etc. We also handle requests for Fernandes sustainer and LR Baggs piezo bridge system installations.

Additional advanced services beyond those listed above are also available, as outlined below in [4] through [6].

(4) Pick-up routing requests are quoted on an individual basis. However, most involve having an additional pick-up installed in the neck position for single pick-up guitars.

(5) For bridge conversions, most of these center on exchanging a Fender style tremolo unit for a Floyd type bridge system. Contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your particular project, and you will receive a time and price quote within 12 - 15 hours in most instances.

(6) Custom Shop and Instrument Refinishing. Please click on the two subject boxes on the website Home Page for further details related to these two services or on the appropriate link above.