Shown here are several examples of past graphics, solid colors, and wood finishes done by the GMW Custom Shop. Custom graphic prices are quoted on an individual basis. That graphic cost is then ADDED to the paint base price of $200 and $350, respectively, for a bolt-on or neck thru body guitar or bass.. The $200 paint base price for bolt-on body ($350 for a neck-thru guitar or bass) reflects those in "reasonable" condition. We'll handle all prep sanding, sealing, color application, topcoat and buff for the prices listed below. For bodies that are "heavily damaged" and/or require removal of the original finish (e.g., lacquer based paints), an additional charge will apply. Email a photo for any project in question to, and we'll be more than happy to quote an exact paint price. All GMW non-urethane based topcoats use the same polyester employed by companies such as Jackson/Charvel.

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