Welcome to the GMW Custom Shop.  We specialize in all aspects of guitar and bass repair, including upgrading or replacing electronics, fret replacement and mill/dress work, set ups, custom graphics and refinishing, plus major upgrades and modifications to existing instruments.  We repair and customize all makes and models of electric guitars and basses, and you'll find that we can upgrade and customize your guitar or bass for a fraction of the cost of the same instrument from the major corporate Custom Shops.  We also provide this work in notably less time than other repair shops and large guitar manufacturers. To view several examples showing the different stages of our work click here


Musicians have been designing and modifying their instruments ever since the invention of the guitar. However, things really got rolling when young guitar heroes like Eddie Van Halen strapped on highly personalized strats they pieced together using parts salvaged from Wayne Charvel and Boogie Bodies back in the 1970's. This kind of innovation set the stage for future generations of players to take things further and further with their own unique ideas and inspiration. Fast forward to today, and it's obvious that guitar customization has become a total no-holds-bared endeavor.

Now, the sky is the limit. A quick walk through the GMW and Empire Archives demonstrates this. click here. Most of the guitars and basses presented there would have surprised and shocked earlier generations of players from the '50's and '60's. Today, building and playing a customized guitar is as common to most players as using a computer. And we predict the trend towards customization will only grow and evolve further over time.

To satisfy this demand for musicians adding their own personal touch to a guitar or bass, projects we receive generally fall into one of two classifications.

The first involves GMW clients who ask us to modify and upgrade their existing body. Click here to view multiple examples of various guitar bodies that have been upgraded with new laminate tops, followed by refinishing and final reassembly work at GMW. A brief caption is provided with each example. Otherwise, for those wishing to simply upgrade an existing instrument with a fresh new paint job or graphic, please visit our Graphics and Paint section, or our GMW General Archives.

The latter classification involves clients who prefer that we start the process by building an entirely new body. These projects tend to favor ideas that are tailored to suit the individual clientís styles and tastes, but can't be achieved using their current body. These bodies include both wood upgrades along with complete changes in a body shape or construction. Click here to view multiple examples of various new bodies that have been provided by GMW to pair with the neck provided by our clients. In many instances, clients have also requested new hardware and/or pick-upís to compliment their new body, which we can provide. As above, a few picture examples with a brief caption describing the woods used can be viewed here.