The prices below reflect painting a bolt-on neck body in "reasonable" condition. We'll handle all prep sanding, sealing, color application, topcoat and buff for the prices listed below. For bodies that are heavily damaged, and/or require removal of the original finish (e.g., lacquer based paints), an additional charge will apply. Provide a photo for any body in question and we'll be more than happy to quote an exact paint price. All GMW non-urethane based topcoats use the same polyester employed by companies such as Jackson/Charvel.

BLACK OR OFF-WHITE: (polyester topcoat) $200 $350

STOCK COLORS: Red, blue, yellow, brown, tan, orange, purple, etc., which require a white base $225 $375

PURE SNOW WHITE: (snow white requires an all urethane topcoat to avoid mild coloration distortion from a polyester topcoat) $250 $450

CUSTOM COLORS: Shell pink, Daphne/baby blue, violet and blue pastels, etc., which require a white base AND urethane topcoat $300 $450

METALLIC'S: (e.g, pavo purple, ice blue metallic, burgundy mist metallic, lake placid blue metallic, etc.) $250 $400

SILVER OR GOLD: $250 $450

SPARKLE FINISHES: (specify particle size small, medium or large) $300 $450

SMALL METAL FLAKE (0.035"): $300 $450

LARGE METAL FLAKE (0.065"): $400 $550

NEON (DAY-GLO) COLORS: (Note: all neons require an initial white base) $275 $425

PEARL COLORS: (e.g., white pearl, tangelo pearl shimrin, violet pearl shimrin, lite teal shimrin, etc.) $275 $425

CANDY COLORS: (e.g., candy blue, candy green, or candy apple red. Specify a silver or gold base) $300 $450

SUNBURSTS or FADES: (e.g., two or three tone burst, cherry burst, etc.) $275 $400

TRANS COLORS: (e.g., trans amber, orange, pink, blue, red, violet, magenta, brown, etc.) $250 $400

STAIN SERVICE: (applicable with figured maple laminate tops or solid bodies) +$50 +$50

TOTAL BODY STRIP TO WOOD: (if necessary) +$50 - $75 +$100

FULL DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY: (includes full instrument set up and new D'Addario XL strings) $150 $175